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Strategic Plan 2015-2018

The UNT Libraries announced a new Strategic Plan for the 2015 - 2018 period. This plan sets out a new series of goals for coming years. Highlights include a Scholarly Communication Transformation initiative, an Information Fluency initiative, and several other new programs.

UNT Music Library 75th Anniversary Symposium

It was my great pleasure last Friday, April 22, 2016 to open the symposium honoring the 75th anniversary of the University of North Texas Music Library.

Completion of the UNT Libraries 2010-2015 Strategic Plan

We are delighted to be able to announce the successful completion of the UNT Libraries 2010-2015 Strategic Plan. All goals and objectives of the plan were accomplished, with remarkable results. A report will be issued and discussed with campus constituencies in future.

Greetings from the Dean

As the Dean of Libraries, it is my great pleasure to welcome to all visitors to the web sites of the University of North Texas Libraries! For more about me see the About Me. You are reading the home page of the Dean's wiki, a site for dissemination of information from my office to the faculty, staff and students of UNT. Please drop by to find information about the most recent news from the Dean's office. For example, see the 2014 snapshot or the 2011 highlights article for information on what we've been up to here at UNT.

UNT Libraries Snapshot

Take a look at this snapshot of the UNT Libraries. Quality collections, innovative programs, and productive partnerships drive the UNT Libraries as we make information available, accessible, and applicable on campus, in the region, and around the world. With a creative blend of leading edge digital technology, fundamental library services, and genuine personal interest in our patrons, UNT Libraries empower and equip students to succeed academically, support and showcase the scholarly and artistic works of UNT’s faculty, and engage with and extend resources to the community.

2012 Report

The UNT Libraries occasionally produces a report on activities that provides a broad overview of library operations and activities. CLICK HERE for the most recently published report.

Recent Highlights

It is my pleasure to share a few selected highlights from recent years of Library accomplishments that I submitted in years past for the President's Annual Report. There are always many noteworthy events, these are just some selected items that tell the recent story of the UNT Libraries in a compelling way.

Library Master Plan

In November 2011 PSA-Dewberry completed a Master Plan for the University of North Texas Libraries. This comprehensive 20 year vision for the future of library facilities at UNT will inform future planning.

Strategic Plan 2011-2015

The UNT Libraries completed a new Strategic Plan in October of 2011. This plan has been vetted to the UNT faculty and administration, and was finalized in the Fall of 2011. It sets forth a goal of becoming a top tier research library by 2015.

Other Planning Topics

See the "About Me" for more information on me, Dr. Martin Halbert. I assumed the leadership of the UNT Libraries in October 2009 (click here for a news story on my becoming Dean of Libraries at the University of North Texas. Click here for a retrospective on my first eight months, which was a remarkable period for me, both in terms of the normal experience of starting a new job as well as the major transitional events that have transpired here at the University of North Texas during this time. I have also written up a brief prospective plan for the next year, focusing on the library goals in the UNT Strategic Research Plan and the concomitant goals elaborated in more detail in library strategic planning documents.

I initiated a series of strategic planning activities when I arrived at UNT, including a space planning effort, an organizational restructuring working group, an overhaul of librarian's status and the professional affairs committee, and several other efforts that you can read about here. We recently announced the results of the organizational restructuring working group.

The University of North Texas engaged in a six month effort to develop a new strategic research plan for the campus. I participated in this planning effort as one of the editors of the plan, with a special focus on the library portions of the plan.

Recent Articles

The following are some recent articles that have appeared on this wiki.

Older Articles

The following is a comprehensive list of articles and links to older essays:

Notes on UNT



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