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The University of North Texas Libraries provide a remarkable array of services to the faculty, students, and other constituents of our extended community. UNT has remarkable collections and programs; the following are some selected highlights in the areas of music, government documents, and digital libraries.


Digital Projects

The UNT digital projects team is one of the premier digital library operations in the country. The digital production and management of information is central to the user services provided by university libraries, as well as to modern scholarship itself. Through digitization initiatives and the development of new tools and systems for information management, libraries are poised to play a pivotal role in the production of knowledge, replace university presses as disseminators of knowledge, and contribute to the internationalization of scholarship by building access to global resources. UNT seeks to advance this evolution through a variety of innovative services and projects that build on the Library’s traditional role as a meeting ground for scholars seeking to acquire, organize and produce knowledge. Instead of reducing human interaction, digital information systems can cultivate connections between people and foster their ability to understand and investigate. Indeed, digital innovations can provide fundamental new modes of communication which allow scholars to express themselves in powerful new ways. As part of this work, the Library, in collaboration with both internal and external partners, will promote the broad, equitable, and effective dissemination of the scholarship that is generated by the university community.

Music Library

The UNT Music Library - one of the largest academic music collections in the United States - contains over 300,000 volumes of books, periodicals, scores, dissertations, and reference works in many languages, as well as nearly 900,000 sound recordings in a variety of formats, including cylinders, reel-to-reel tapes, 45/33/78rpm records, compact discs, and digital tape recordings. Playback equipment for the different types of recordings (as well as a growing VHS and DVD collection) is in the Audio Center, and in-house transfers of older audio formats are performed in the preservation studio. The Music Library's collection of rare books and scores, located in the Edna Mae Sandborn Music Rare Book Room contains material ranging from medieval manuscripts to autographed first editions of twentieth-century composers. Original and facsimile scores include a noteworthy collection of works by Jean-Baptiste Lully, first editions of Handel's Messiah, Mozart's Don Giovanni, Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, Saint-Saëns's Carnival of the Animals, and several eighteenth-century operas. Books of note include the first edition of the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and Giuseppe Tartini's 1767 Principi dell' armonia musicale contenuta nel diatonico genere.

Government Documents

The UNT Government Documents program provides access to more than a million informational items, and assistance in finding a wide range of governmental, business, geographic, or legal information. In addition to the students, faculty, and staff of the University of North Texas, the UNT Government Documents Department serves the citizens of the 26th Congressional District of Texas. Recently, UNT acquired the government documents holdings of the Fort Worth Public Library, a remarkable research collection of approximately three quarters of a million additional items, all of which will be added to the UNT Libraries and subsequently cataloged.

Special Collections

Our special collections span a great range of topics and formats. The Rare Book Room contains approximately 12,000+ items, and have concentrations in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century literature, Willa Cather, Mary Webb, the Pat Warde Memorial Collection of Southern Letters, William Blake, war posters, and the history of fashion.

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