Strategic Plan 2011-2015

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UNT Libraries Strategic Plan 2011-2015

With the advent of new leadership in the UNT Libraries in October 2009 as Dean Martin Halbert arrived, a planning process was initiated to align the future directions of the libraries with the strategic aims of the University. The UNT libraries are poised to take many new steps that will dramatically improve their capability to support campus research activities, and this strategic planning effort is a systematic attempt to articulate these steps to the campus.

CLICK HERE for the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.

One umbrella goal and five constituent goals for the UNT libraries were developed from the campus strategic research plan and informed by an environmental scan. The umbrella goal of the UNT Libraries is to become a top tier research library by 2015, as assessed by success in five strategic goals. These five library strategic goals were developed specifically to achieve this umbrella goal, and are detailed in the latter portion of this document. These five strategic goals have been designed to significantly advance the research value of the UNT Libraries:

  1. CREATIVE PARTNERSHIPS: Establish creative partnerships that enhance the academic experience through exploring and fostering ideas and discovery.
  2. INNOVATIVE SERVICES: Develop programs that engage, empower, and inspire the University community in the pursuit of knowledge.
  3. SCHOLARLY USAGE: Integrate the library into the research initiatives of the University and regularly assess this integration.
  4. QUALITY COLLECTIONS: Create physical and virtual collections which support scholarship and research by connecting the past, present, and future.
  5. WELL-DESIGNED SPACES: Provide well-designed physical and virtual spaces that foster academic community and encourage intellectual inquiry and exchange.

This strategic plan has been developed in a period of rapid transition at the University of North Texas, and is intended to evolve over time as more information becomes available. Some of the objectives identified in this plan are quantitative and specific; others are more qualitative and prospective. The plan is intended to inform both unit planning efforts within the libraries as well as broader conversations with many other stakeholders. The plan was finalized in the Fall semester of 2011, after extensive vetting and discussions with a variety of campus constituencies. This plan will maximize the research value of the UNT Libraries to the extended UNT community, and reinvigorate a conversation on campus of the ways that the library is relevant to 21st century research efforts.

The selection of these five strategic goals was informed by a broadly based environmental scan and conversations with the UNT community. These goals will be implemented by meeting a series of targets during the coming years that are detailed in this plan. The University of North Texas has a strong system of libraries. If this plan is successfully implemented, the UNT Libraries will be significantly improved in terms of services, collections, and facilities by 2015, becoming a top tier research library in the process. The power of ideas begins here.

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